How Often Should You Do HIIT Workouts A Week?

How much is too much?

If you’re looking to keep your body fit and toned, then there’s no better way than doing high intensity interval training workouts. These types of sessions work best for people who don’t like long-term exercise programs because they provide a quick fix with little risk or discomfort involved! For those interested in knowing how often one should do HIIT workouts per week, here are some recommendations from Coach Liam: 

HIIT exercises can be done with or without equipment

1) You can substitute each session with either cardio OR weight lifting depending on what goal(s) is being achieved by performing this type of physical activity throughout the day; 

2 ) A good rule would be doing 3 days minimum so that muscles have enough time rest between intense workout.

The question of how often you should do HIIT workouts a week is one that many people debate, but there’s no clear answer. What may work well for some will not suit others and vice versa; it really depends on what your specific goals are in terms of fitness level as well as time constraints. The best way to know if this type training suits the needs at hand would be by trying various different types or scheduling them throughout each day while following an appropriate diet plan so food intake doesn’t get sacrificed due lack thereof while following all other guidelines related specifically toward weight loss/control. Coach Liam has seen it all and if Abs and Core are your end game, he suggests Plank Arm & Leg Lifts. Alternatively, if you’re trying to keep your cardio in peak performance try Burpee Broad Jump Backpedals.

What is your next HIIT move?

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