MVMT helps bring health and fitness from wherever it is now to wherever our members want it to be – without the limitations of traditional gym memberships.

Inside the MVMT

Your Role

To bring the program to life – literally.

 To teach and deliver a high-energy, high-quality exercise program to the online MVMT community. Lead by example by completing the workout yourself while offering regressions, progressions, techniques, cues, and adjustments.

Most of all have fun, be inclusive, and show the MVMT who you are.

You are the MVMT, embodied.

What our coaches do

Bring the fire

Coach workouts

Build Community

The Details

Bring The Fire

During your workout, the MVMT and its coaches bring energy, enthusiasm, and inspiration to our MBRs on the other side of the screen. This means showing up early, having the right attitude, bringing lots of energy and encouragement, having fun, and being a beacon of energy for those tuning in.

Most of all, show up as who you genuinely are and let that shine through. It gives people permission to also be themselves.

Follow The Workout

Workout Etiquette
In studio, you will workout on camera following the provided program, with enthusiasm, charisma and energy. Movements will be performed with high-quality technique and progressions, regressions, and adjustments will be offered to the live online audience. Our job is to push everyone’s comfort zone 10%, while respecting where they are at.

Take Care of the Space
Following the workout, you will help to clean-up the workout space, wipe down your own mat and microphone, and leave it better than you found it. Previous coaches will do this for you, making sure you show up to an awesome studio each time.

Build Community

Engage With The Community
The MVMT is more than just “a workout”. It’s a lifestyle and a community and our most successful coaches treat it as such. The coaches that get the most out of the MVMT (client referrals, social engagement, social growth, and ambassador revenue) are the ones who genuinely engage with the community on a regular basis.

Facebook Posts & Lives
Following your workout, and a minimum of three times weekly, engage with the MVMT community via our online audience. That can be Facebook, Instagram, or Tik Tok. We are actively building one of the most badass and engaged fitness communities in the world, so if there’s content you want to create/write or ways you’d love to collab, let us know.

Build Your Brand
Continued self-promotion and development of your self and online personality.


What you can expect of us

You can expect us to provide you with a high-quality program, including both video and PDF instructions of all the exercises, well ahead of the workout.

We are here to help support and educate should there be any unfamiliar exercises, the MVMT, our members, or the platform.

We’re also here to help build your toolbox and your brand, providing you with exposure to hundreds of MVMT members each time you teach a class.

The Stream & Technical Stuff
We will take care of all the technical stuff from start to finish, so you can focus on what you do best – coaching and training. Simply show up to the studio 15–30 minutes before your start time and we’ll have everything ready to go when the class is meant to start. 

Development and Exposure
We are here to help you grow! Working with our media team – should you choose to accept – we will help develop strategies and content to help grow you social profile and social reach as a coach, both locally and online.

We will help support you in connecting with our audience, aiding in exposure and opt-in for additional services like one-on-one training opportunities.

What we expect of you

We expect you to know your workout material ahead of time. Reach out if you need assistance, be on top of your game, show up ready, and bring the heat. As much as this is the MVMT community ,this is also your community.

Participate, engage with members, participate in extra workout challenges, share the MVMT on social, and help build micro-communities within the larger MVMT community.

Uphold Our Values
As a MVMT Coach, you represent MVMT – and in turn, we also represent you. With that, we want to make sure that our values align and that both of us represent the each other well. We require that all coaches uphold and live by the values of MVMT.



We pay out coaches on the last Friday of the months for all streams completed that month.


Not at all.

Remember, we built this platform as a way to support the local fitness community… so please, promote yourself. Just do it in a respectful way.


Nope, we have it all handled.

All 30 days have been pre-programmed. In the scheduling phase you will be able to select which workouts you want to livestream via our platform.


The minimum payment no matter how many people tune in to watch your stream is CAD$30 per stream.

The scaling of the wage paid out is based on overall MVMT Challenge sign ups. For every 250 signups past 500 we will pay an additional amount which increases exponentially with sign-ups based on the scale below.

The minimum payment no matter how many people tune in to watch your stream is CAD$30 per stream.

The scaling of the wage paid out is based on overall MVMT Challenge sign ups. For every 150 signups past 500 we will pay an additional amount which increases exponentially with sign-ups based on the scale below.

Next Steps


Fill Out The Coach Intake Form

Fill out the form below so we can contact you to set up all of the necessary payment information and teach you how to use the system.

Sign The Contract and upload it

Once we've received your coach intake form, we will send over the formal contract for you to sign. If you'd like we are happy to review it with you before you sign it.

Intake Form



Once your form has been received, we will set up your contract and send it over via email. Please fill it out, save it as a PDF, and upload it through the upload field below.

Once we've received it, we will sign our end and email back a copy for your records.

Then, it's go time!

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