Ali Martinez

I am a spicy latina, with an incredible passion for health, fitness and my clients. I am always eager to learn and grow, I look up to other in the industry with more experience, for inspiration on building my business and my knowledge base. I am super easy going, I love to entertain and it brings me joy making others laugh. I am extremely organized, some call it OCD, but its just how I am. I speak Spanish fluently, my family lives in Winnipeg where I grew up and I have lived in BC since 2008. I was a realtor, insurance broker and Reality TV Personality before finally jumping feet first into becoming a Trainer. I have a big heart, personality and even bigger dreams. Happy to be part of the team.

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Philosophy Behind Coaching
It is my philosophy that permanent change begins in the mind. To conquer the body, we must first understand and overcome the limitations we create in our mind. It is not enough to have the knowledge on a healthy & fit lifestyle, we must apply the knowledge until it becomes a habit, in order to sustain the mind, body and spirit we wish to achieve.
Favourite Way To Sweat
HIIT Circuits, Dance, Kickboxing (although I am still a rookie haha)
Song that always gets you pumped up
Joe Budden – Pump it Up
One Random Fact
I used to be an actor and I was on Big Brother Canada

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