Amanda Clyde

I am a Nurse as well as a Group Fitness Instructor here in Vancouver, originally from Montreal. I grew up playing sports, following my dad’s footsteps who was an Olympic and Professional Boxer. I have always had a love for Health and Fitness, and it is a passion of mine to help others adapt an active lifestyle.

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Philosophy Behind Coaching
My objective is to help you set and achieve goals in a very motivating, supportive and positive setting. Once you develop a habit, it becomes a lifestyle. And once it becomes a lifestyle, it becomes a passion. I believe that consistency is key and hard work pays off. I want you to develop a LOVE for fitness, because only then will you truly embrace every part of the journey and push yourself past your limits.
Favourite Way To Sweat
I absolutely love the outdoors. Anything from hiking, swimming, running, outdoor workouts to skiing/water-skiing etc as long as it gets me tanned and sweaty ;) I also love group fitness classes on those days when the sun is hiding.
Song that always gets you pumped up
Dura by Daddy Yankee along with many others!
One Random Fact
I also work as a Nurse and Flight Attendant because life is too short to just do one thing (lol)

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