Amanda Herdman

I joined the MVMT family back in the first round. I completely fell in love with the trainers, the workouts, and the community surrounding it. I find myself sweating in some capacity every day. My regular training is a mixture of spinning, boxing, and strength and conditioning training. Over the past 10 years I have taken my competitive sports background and turned it into a long lasting health and fitness journey that is focused on foundations, a positive mindset, and specific goals!

Get To Know Amanda

Philosophy Behind Coaching
Start your workout with a specific goal, stay positive, remind yourself you’re stronger then you think you are, and always end with a moment of gratitude!
Favourite Way To Sweat
Currently I am obsessed with my new road bike
Song that always gets you pumped up
Drop that low (when I dip) – Tujamo
One Random Fact
The first time my dad ever took me to the driving range, I think I was around 4, He said I could pick the spot where we hit our balls so I walked up and down the pathway dragging my clubs and when I got to the end I started sobbing drawing a lot of attention to us. My dad got down and asked me what was wrong to which I answered, very loudly, “Wheres tiger?” expecting to have seen Tiger Woods there! You can say my experience at the range was not what my dad had set out for it to be! HAHA

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