Janik Susanthan

I’m getting into my 10th year in the fitness industry; happy to be here and always motivated to be the best trainer for my clients. I enjoy getting after it; working out, hiking, grappling, striking, whatever it is i love the biomechanics behind whatever activity of choice; and how to improve and optimize!

Get To Know Janik

Philosophy Behind Coaching
I don’t have a set philosophy, as fitness is always changing and evolving. I like to pull from all concepts and methods and find my own little way of influencing my clients and community to move better. Fitness isn’t one size fits all, but there has to be certain principles behind smart training. Getting someone to move well first is the main priority. Once we have unlocked a once sedentary or dysfunctional body, the real fun begins.
Favourite Way To Sweat
NOGI JUIJITSU // Kettlebells // Animal Flow
Song that always gets you pumped up
Seek Bromance- Avicci
One Random Fact
I once used CPR to save a persons life!

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