Liam Fisher

Not just another beard, this guy has a BSc (Hons) Double Major in Exercise Physiology & Medical Physiology or in his own words “a BSc in pickin’ it up and puttin’ it down, in both health and in sickness”. This guy likes to get you moving and at the same time make sure you understand why you’re doing it! When he’s not studying up on new training techniques, this all-rounder can be found in the gym pumping iron, or shredding some gnar on his bike, his skis or his paddle board. He’s worked with everyone from the pro’s to the joe’s and the next person he takes on might just be you !

Get To Know Liam

Philosophy Behind Coaching
If it’s not fun, it won’t work.
Favourite Way To Sweat
Picking up heavy things.
Song that always gets you pumped up
Wide Awake by Ready
One Random Fact
I puke every time I go hard on a rowing machine

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