Mikaela Millington

Sunshine in human form. Mikaela is here to share her light and love for life through movement medicine and mindful practices. Mikaela is a certified yoga teacher with plenty of additional training including nontraditional yoga flow (creative sequencing, expressive movements), yin yoga, functional anatomy, and myofascial release, vinyasa yoga, power yoga, meditation, Lagree (pilates megaformer machine) instructor. Her knowledge of movement and alignment paired with her passion for self-expression through shapes and transitions offers her students something different. An experience that will leave them feeling lighter, more connected, empowered, and lessons that they can carry off of the mat and into their life.

In her spare time, Mikaela enjoys adventuring, being in nature, traveling, creating via photo shoots and video shoots, spending time with loved ones, eating yummy food …duh.

Get To Know Mikaela

Philosophy Behind Coaching
Knowing the difference between pain and discomfort when it comes to mindful movement. Finding that balance, checking the ego, and knowing when to hold back/not push yourself versus knowing when to lean into the discomfort of something different (deep strength sensation or deep stretch sensation) that is meant to shift your perspective. Bringing deep awareness into every shape, every transition, every breath.
Favourite Way To Sweat
I love all forms of movement … I cant choose just one!
Song that always gets you pumped up
Have you seen my Spotify? haha … music is my medicine. I love anything Lane 8
One Random Fact
I am a sucker for Oreos… I really love Oreos.

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