Sarah Cortese

My long term passion has been to explore the different elements of health and fitness. Equipped with my Bachelors of Kinesiology (Hons) degree, nutrition courses, and Functional Movement System Certification, I have worked with a wide range of people from UBC varsity athletes, to weight loss and general fitness clients, to those in a rehabilitation process. I believe physical activity should be an enjoyable addition to every lifestyle in order to make it sustainable; so, whether it’s due to exercise induced endorphins, or laughing at me looking goofy on your screen, my goal is for you to have fun through the whole session. My passion for fitness extends beyond the gym as I love to spend her free time hiking up local mountains, running trails, and trying out new healthy recipes. My favourite part about being a trainer is helping others find their love for physical activity as they begin to reap the rewards for their body, brain, and soul.

Get To Know Sarah

Philosophy Behind Coaching
Exercise should be for the soul as much as for the physical benefits. Embrace the sweaty challenges so you can reap the satisfaction of progress.
Favourite Way To Sweat
High Intensity Circuit Training (HIIT)
Song that always gets you pumped up
Lemon (Drake Remix)
One Random Fact
I am obsessed with Adams Peanut Butter- I literally put that stuff on EVERYTHING.

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