Tristan Cabida

-Actor, model, entrepreneur (Runs own private fitness business) -ACE Certified trainer – Loves kickboxing to break a sweat and release tension/ aggression – Loves Rap music and fashion!! -In love with The Dark Knight Trilogy -Spiritual esoteric meditation gangster… been meditating consistently for 2 years – On the journey to becoming the next Dwayne Johnson / Arnold Schwarzennegar

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Philosophy Behind Coaching
There is nothing more gratifying than seeing the capabilities of the human body… how far you can push yourself and the art of discipline that is a direction reflection of the work you put in. For every milestone you acheive and for every hurdle you overcome in your fitness journey – proves to yourself the direct capability of transferring this success over to other aspects of life.
Favourite Way To Sweat
Kickboxing or 6km run!
Song that always gets you pumped up
Ali Bomaye – The Game
One Random Fact
I do keto ? and I LOVE IT

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