Jan 11 - Feb 7

New Year Reset

Get unstuck, reach your goals, stay committed to yourself.

The MVMT New Year Reset is a 30-day challenge where you will commit to focusing on what matters most to you – you and your health.

It is designed to help you get unstuck, reach your goals, and stay committed to yourself.

For the 30 days, you and the MVMT fam will be committing to:

  • Completing one of three focused workout programs – MVMT Strong, MVMT Fit, or MVMT Live
  • Working out a minimum of 3 x per week
  • Drinking 3L of water/day
  • Completing one cold dip/shower per week
  • Completing one 15-min breathwork/meditation session per week
  • Cutting out alcohol
  • Eating whole, fresh, non-processed foods with zero added sugar
This January Reset is perfect for anyone that wants:
  • To kick-off 2021 focused on what matters most – your health.
  • To be surrounded by a community of people who share that same ambition.
  • An easy-to-follow program that will help them achieve their goals faster and with more accountability.

If that sounds like you, get signed up!

Oh, and it’s free with your MVMT membership!

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In Detail

MVMT Strong

For those looking to build strength and muscle.

This program will teach you the foundations of building muscle, proper barbell & dumbbell technique, and provide functional strength training so you can go from the gym to out in the world with ease.

If you don’t have barbells it can be done by substituting dumbbells and bodyweight exercises. Alternate exercises are offered.

Program includes:

  • A one-month strength training program .
  • 2x weekly strength workouts that can be done at a home or in the gym.
  • The flexibility to add a Sweat MVMT, Yoga MVMT, or both, as your flex workout each week.
  • Detailed instructional videos on proper exercise from expert MVMT Coach Liam Fisher.
  • A PDF Progress Tracker to track your progress across the month.

See an example of the program here:

In Detail

MVMT Fit Program

For those looking for a higher intensity workout to increase their metabolism and burn fat.

Tired of feeling out of breath, like you just don’t have the “get-up-and-go” you used to? Want to shed a few pounds and get back to living an active life?

MVMT Fit is designed to rev up your metabolism, improve your cardio, and lean you out – all while building functional strength.

After this plan, no mountain will ever seem too high.

Program includes:

  • A one-month high-intensity training program .
  • 2x weekly HIIT, Circuit and Dynamic Strength workouts that can be done with little to no equipment.
  • 8 follow-along workout and instructional videos with MVMT’s top coaches.
  • A fit-specific PDF Progress Tracker to track your progress across the month.

See an example of the program here:

In Detail


For those that want community, live interactions, and a full-body sweat.

If you struggle with motivation or just like working out with a community behind you, then this is the program for you.

All you have to do is show up and each day our top instructors, along with the MVMT community from all over the world, will support you through a 45 minute workout.

The workouts will cover the whole body and include Strength, Sweat, Mobility, Yoga and more.

Can’t make the classes live? Catch them on-demand at your convenience.

Program includes:

  • 2x daily live workouts with the MVMT team.
  • 7-day a week programming that includes Strength, HIIT, Circuit, Bodyweight Training, Mobility, Yoga.
  • Daily in-class live chat and motivation with our coaches and the MVMT community.
  • A live-specific PDF Progress Tracker to track your progress across the month.

All Programs Include:

  • Access to 2x daily live workouts with MVMT coaches.
  • Daily in-class live chat with our coaches and the MVMT community.
  • 1 x per week additional Zoom class to engage even more with your MVMT fam.
  • Access to over 400 on-demand workouts and our additional programs including Learn To Pistol Squat, Ski Fit, Band Blasters and more.
  • Daily support from your coaches via our MVMT Community groups.


Yes, 6 Weeks To Ski Fit holds all the fundamentals needed to build a snowboard-proof body.

We are confident our program works for you. We give you two weeks to refund, no questions asked.