Vancouver’s Announces Its 1-Year Anniversary Digital Party

Vancouver’s MVMTapp, Western Canada’s first online health, fit and wellness app is celebrating its 1-year anniversary with a digital workout party!

Following their official launch in April 2020 with the highly successful 30 day MVMT Challenge, MVMT has since attracted over 800 subscribers from 10 countries who have participated in the over 1000 live digital workouts, 5 immersive challenges, 25 digital yoga sessions, 5 digital nutritional seminars as well as multiple courses for weekend warriors interested in improving their ski strength, pistol squat, pushup, core strength and more.

Designed in the beautiful backyard of the Pacific North West, MVMTapp offers expert-designed workout programs, live daily workouts, and outcome-focused fitness programs – all proven to get its members results, fast. The App allows members to prioritize daily movement wherever they are, at home, at the office, or in the gym, with coach-led, live-streamed classes and goal-specific workout programs designed to ensure movers achieve their unique fitness goals, with the convenience of having of a personal trainer in your pocket. The app has had such a profound impact on several of its members whereby testimonials include increase in vitality and mobility, improvements in mental health; even life changing testimonials.

Inspired by the enhancement of quality of life through regular workout routines at home, co-founder and CEO of MVMTapp, Liam Fisher, saw a hole in the market for online fitness apps where the current offerings missed the mark in correctly coaching the general public in proper form while also keeping it fun. “We found that if an online workout was purely fun, without an emphasis on technique, people end up moving incorrectly and end up injuring themselves. If the offering is purely educational, it’s not going to be fun or engaging, and without that live component it’s not going to keep people coming back and building community. MVMTapp fills the current gap in the market by providing high quality, high energy, technique oriented workouts, ranging from Strength, to HIIT, mobility and yoga to ensure you the most comprehensive, versatile program available. Using our app for at least 90 minutes a week is guaranteed to give results, proven by our testimonials from users.”

Justin Davis, MVMTapp’s Finance Manager and co-owner is an avid health enthusiast and when the world moved indoors due to the pandemic, he saw his health and wellness routine slowed to a crawl. “I work a demanding office job in finance and, pre-pandemic, part of my weekly routine was in person workouts and classes that helped me achieve my optimum self. Once the work from home orders were put in place I was scrambling to mimic that in person workout experience which, looking back, I realized was not just the weights and repetitions but the socializing, the information on how to move properly as well as the dynamic experience that a class delivers. MVMTapp combines that all into one,” says Justin. “It allows me to work out live or on-demand and keeps me fit and healthy and has had a positive impact on my mental health. I’m excited to help more Canadians experience the benefits of MVMTapp as a way of life, even if it’s only a few days of the week.”

The MVMTapp team comes with over 15 years of experience in the personal training, movement and health and wellness space with Liam’s brick and mortar business MVMT Academy. CTO, Julian DeShutter has experience with successfully building online platforms, while Justin has over 10-years in finance with a CPA designation. Our COO Nicole Mazour brings a wealth of knowledge in both graphic design, marketing and project management. With the balance and expertise this team brings to the table, MVMTapp continues build an innovative, Made In Canada, health and wellness app that is currently at the forefront of wellness apps competing with multibillion dollar competitors like Peloton.

“The Move with MVMT event is really an opportunity to showcase the benefits of what our current subscriber base has been enjoying and building with the last 12 months. We’re happy to see local companies such as KITS Eyewear, Hippie Snacks, Way of Will, Gud Protein and Bucha Brew join the MVMT in this celebration of keeping people moving and ultimately enhancing their quality of life now and for years to come.” says Liam.

More than just another workout it’s a movement, and it starts right here in Vancouver, BC Canada.


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