6 Weeks To Ski Fit

Is This Going To Be Your Best Season Yet?

The ski-focused program designed to help you build the strength, mobility, and stability you need to make the tightest turns, navigate those tricky lines, and shred the most challenging slopes – all season long.


6 Weeks To Ski Fit is for anyone that wants to:

  • Improve their skiing or snowboarding performance quickly.
  • Reduce their chances of ski-related injury.
  • Hack their bodies to perform as effectively as possible.
  • Maximize their endurance and speed up recovery, so they can slay all day.

Improve your skiing performance.

Protect yourself from injury.

Speed Up Your Recovery.

Ski Better. Ski More.

Designed Specifically To Optimize Your Body For Ski Season

  • A progressive six-week strength and mobility program designed to give you your best ski-body ever with over 100 individual ski-specific exercises.
  • Accessible on your computer, your tablet, your phone, or your SmartTV.
  • No special equipment required
  • Built to give you the proper ski and snowboard foundation – designed for beginners and pros.
  • Done at home, in the gym, or even the ski chalet.

Improve Your Ski Performance

Get a body designed for quicker turns, more mobility, faster recovery, faster reactions through the trees, better endurance, long days, deeper pow, and more runs.

While Ski Fit starts in the gym, its only goal is to get you out in the elements, feeling better, skiing longer, and having your best season yet.

Ride Out Your Season Injury-Free

Focused around the lower body and core strength, we work through knee, feet, and ankle stabilization, as well as the body awareness you need to avoid falls and keep you carving hard.

You’ll reinforce the points prone to injury and build a more resilient body, so you can stay out longer, put in more laps, and feel fresh doing it all.

If you don’t prep against injuries, the only chair you’ll be riding is the couch.

Recover Right & Ride Right Until The Last Lap.

Get the foundation and endurance that will keep your body strong well past those last laps. Learn how to properly train and release your muscles so you can increase endurance and maximize recovery – ultimately getting more days in.

So, What's Included?

  • 6 weeks of progressive ski-focused workouts.
  • 1 coach-led session each week that will take you through the foundational strength, agility, and mobility you need to keep you rocking the slopes all season long. Designed specifically for skiing by kinesiologists and strength-training specialists.
  • 2 x ski-specific warmups good for before training or before you take it to the hill.
  • 6 x 30-40 minute progressive ski/board specific workouts.
  • 1 x foam rolling myofacial release session to unlock those stuck spots.
  • 1 x yoga session to increase range of motion and flexibility.
  • 1 x hip and knee health mobility session.
  • 1 x ski-specific balance session to keep you upright.

This same program would cost over 1200$ training with our coaches in-person!

All For Just $59.99 $49.99

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What Ski Fit Participants Are Saying

So, Are You Ready To Have Your Best Season Yet?

We designed 6 Weeks To Ski Fit to help you make the most of your ski season – and you do that by making sure your body is prepped to be out there.

We are so convinced you will enjoy our program that we offer anyone who tries out a full 14-day money back guarantee.

Try it out – and see you on the slopes!

Six Weeks to Ski Fit

Have your best ski season yet.

US$59.99 US$ 49 99     all-access pass
  • 6 weeks of progressive ski-focused workouts.
  • Weekly coach-led sessions.
  • Designed to help you get the most out of your ski season.
  • Get a foundation that sets you up for an injury-free season.

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Yes, 6 Weeks To Ski Fit holds all the fundamentals needed to build a snowboard-proof body.

We are confident our program works for you. We give you two weeks to refund, no questions asked.