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MVMT App is an online fitness app that provides over 100 live Strength, Sweat, Yoga, Boxing, Dancing and Nutrition classes every month, along with:




“The power of movement is critical to both physical and mental health among students with recent studies confirming an association between exercise and a reduction of stress and anxiety in college students"

Examining the Impact of a University-driven Exercise Programming Event on End-of-semester Stress in Students

A quick Message from UMD Student, Daniel Mazour

We started MVMT for one simple reason – to help people take their movement, and their health, back.

And as a UMD student, I’ve learned how much exercising and sweating daily helps me maintain and balance the workload of my student life, my work life, and my family life.

I want to make it as easy as possible for as many of you to sweat daily, surrounded by a community that has your back, so that all of us can be healthier and more effective in our studies and life.

Whether you join the MVMT or not, make a commitment to sweat daily.

Your physical health, your mental health, and your studies will thank you!


100+ live workouts every month

All led by world-class coaches

Yep! Your MVMT membership gives you unlimited access to over 100 classes a month. Three+ times a day, we go live so that you will never have to sweat along.

Along with that, we have an On-Demand catalog of over 300 different workouts to make sure that you always have something that fits your mood.

All of our classes are taught by top-trained coaches who help fire you up, hold you accountable, and make sure you are getting the most from your sweat.

Meghan Burrows
MVMT Coach
CY Iwangbe
MVMT Coach


The MVMT is NOT just another at-home workout challenge to be purchased and forgotten about. It’s designed to push you, hold you accountable, and help get you to the next level – no matter what level you’re at, for as long as you need.

Access To the MVMT Community

If health and wellness matter to you, than you definitely want to be a part of the growing MVMT community.

In it, you’ll meet hundreds of like-minded people who prioritize their health and will help hold you accountable to getting in your daily sweat.

Plus, you’ll learn tons of impactful information that will help you build a healthier, stronger, and more vibrant body and mind.,

Liam Fisher & Addison Dragland
MVMT Head Coach and MVMT Coach

What Our Members Are Saying

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To my fellow UMD peers, we are offering all of you 50% off the MVMT for as long as you are a student at UMD.

Simply sign-up using your UMD email through the “Start Trial” button and you will be given 50% off a monthly membership!

It works out to less than 20 cents a class.



US$29.99 US$ 14 99
billed monthly after 14-day free trial
  • Over 100 live classes per month
  • Over 300 On-Demand classes
  • Strength, Cardio, Yoga, Meditation, Boxing, and Nutrition Classes
  • Access to the UMD University Health + Fitness Community
Use the code "UMDSTUDENT" and your UMD email for discount.


The MVMT platform is built around live stream workouts. Each day, we go live three times to complete that day’s DAILY MVMT.

The livestreams are led by different coaches and fitness pros who all have their own unique style.

There are a minimum of 3 live streams per day, and they will run at 7AM, 9AM, and 5PM.

All times are PST.

Absolutely! As the platform grows we will be adding more live stream workouts and more variety.

Yes, you will have unlimited access to all live streams once they are recorded. You will continue to have access as long as you continue your membership.

Yep! Baked into the Live Stream is live chat so you can interact with the instructors, ask questions, and get feedback!

We are working on two-way video interactions.

Yep. That’s the point. We believe movement should be accessible and every workout is designed to be done at home with nothing more than what you have in your house.

We’ve also specifically designed this program to be done in no more than a 10×10 space.

We designed the workouts to be scaled to your level of fitness. If you’re new, you should have no problem following along with each of the movements and our coaches have modifications that will help.

If you’re a pro, don’t you worry. This program was designed to be able to turn up the intensity. We promise, you’ll feel the heat.

No matter where you’re at, if you do these workouts for at least a month, you’ll be stronger, fitter, and more resilient than ever.

To view the Live Streams or access the on-demand workouts, you will need internet access.

We are working on offline capabilities so you can download your workouts.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you’re not happy with the MVMT in the first month, we’ll happily refund your money.

Yep. The MVMT is a monthly subscription. You can sign-up and/or cancel at anytime.

The whole challenge is done through a web browser, so you can use any device. No need to download apps or try and figure out how to make it work. Simply log into your account once you are signed up and the Live Streams will be available as we do them!

Nope. The instructors will be on camera and chatting to you, but you will not be on camera.

Nope. We don’t believe you need workout equipment to get a good sweat in.

We’ve made sure that you can do every workout with things you can find around your house. Go dust off that frying pan.